wifi Router Configuration Center is the default IP address used by many routers, especially brands such as D-Link and Netgear. Only one machine on a network can use 192.168.O.l as its IP address. This is to prevent address conflicts. Other makes of routers will have different default gateways.

Login to Router Admin using

  1. To log in to your router’s console first type into your browser’s address bar.
  2. If you’ve entered those numbers correctly, you will be prompted to enter your relevant username and password information. If you don't have these check our router username and password list.
  3. Once you’ve accessed your router’s console, you can make changes to many different settings. Any networked machine can utilise since this is a private IPv4 network address.
  4. Make sure you avoid IP address conflicts by not registering more than one connected device to

Unable to Access

If is not working for you make sure that you have entered all the numbers correctly. People often make the mistake of typing 192.168.O.1. If it doesn't load, perhaps your router uses another IP address such as 192.168.l.l. To find out your router IP gateway visit our list of default IP addresses or our article on how to find router IP address.

Default Router Password List

How to Change the Password on Your Router

Changing your password regularly is an important step to keeping your network secure. In order to do this, login to your router’s control panel. In the admin tab of your router’s console, there will be an option to change your password. Remember to use a mix of letters and cases for extra security. Check the routers in the list below to make sure you're not using the default credentials.